Unisex Underwear Mask var 2


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 cm

Purple, Red, Dark Pink, Bright Pink, Black, White, Black Lace, Animal Print

Unisex Underwear Mask, One Size Fits All is part of long term complementary projects: home economics* and art miles**

*Home Economics started after the 2008 recession, the project was looking at the home which until relatively recent was a creative and productive platform providing not only food and goods for the family but also generating incomes. During the booming economy years in developed countries, home has become the most wasteful and least productive structure, but the recession could be a moment of reconsidering home economy and home ecological solutions.

**art miles is an artistic platform enabling knowledge, understanding and use of art, both for artists and art consumers. The entire process is relying on the desalienating function of creation. art miles functions according to the air miles model, used in the consumer society while turning it into an artistic process. 


 After years of accumulating and discarding fashion, home decor, gadgets, air miles, holiday photos, memories, etc., this unprecedented total global lockdown has forces us to reassess our stock-in-trade, to start appreciate it and make the most of it, at least until the markets reopen.
The Unisex Underwear Mask, One Size Fits All is an easy solution to the mask crisis, related to the 2020 Corona virus pandemic, as a relief to the medical system supply shortage, a bypass of market driven price gouging or the black market.The funds can be redirected in this way to supporting the arts.


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