Olivia Mihălţianu b. 1981

Olivia Mihălţianu studied visual arts at the University of Arts Bucharest and she currently lives and works in Bucharest. Her artistic approach is related to cross-media and process-oriented projects involving video, film, photography, object-making, installation and performance. Usually long-term projects, the works follow various visual aspects related to personal identity and social life in different cultures, political and economic situations, in a global and local context, by questioning topics such as: the role played by the artist in today’s society, archetypal human patterns, re-contextualization, alienation. Working with specific locations, from urban fabric to deserted beaches and from mountain tops to isolated islands, filtering everything through iconic images inspired by cinema, video-art and photography, by using historic cameras and cutting-edge technologies, is an attempt to move freely through time, personal perceptions and social expectations.

Ever since 2006, Olivia Mihălţianu has explored the extensions of her artistic personality through the apparently staged photographs shot with the monopod in representative locations, tracing the way in which her image changes according to the situation and to others’ expectations. In 2008, at The Contemporary Art Gallery of The Brukenthal National Museum, in the exhibition Anyone but me, anywhere but here (a collaboration with the fashion label Rozalb de Mura), Olivia Mihălţianu first exhibited her boxes with personal objects –Trousse Beauté –illustrative of the holiday culture of the 1960s.  The exhibited objects represented possible props for the film Island, which was shown in the same exhibition; restating the photographic media, the identity transfer between the moving image, the presented objects and the slow alternation between the  collective and  the  individual  memory  describe  the  working  method  that  the  artist reiterates in her projects.

Anca Mihuleț, Excerpt from curatorial text, Winyan Kipanpi Win, The Visit,  Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, 2016