Adelina Ivan b. 1971

Adelina Ivan is a visual artist who works with light and memory through textiles, photography, installations and video. Her personal discourse explores the overlap of time, space and memory, their winding and intimate interactions. Just like the fabrics used in her works, time space and memory fold and unfold into sleek silky surfaces and solid depths. The identity discourse debates the concept of ‘the other’ by problematizing otherness and discussing how to perceive diversity.
The obsession for the body and its transformation over time and for the personal past was replaced by experiments approaching the building of the relations between objects and space. The artist states that these explorations resulted in a sort of mutual transformation in which the object is contained by space, and the space is swallowed by the object, determining an organism built out of pieces with an innate fragility, ready to fall apart only to recompose themselves afterwards. The continuous transformation process of the clothing object, of the fabric, the preservation of its memory, the interaction between the different materials, the space and time dynamics are transposed in the spatial installations, structures and geometries with grids and patterns stemming from this perspective.

Solo Shows

2019    The Infinite Convergence, Guest Gallery Space Anca Poterasu Gallery at Spinnerei Leipzig, Germany
2018    To restore or how the stable structures need frail gestures, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2017    The color of geometry, PRIVATEOFFSPACE, Frankfurt, Germany
2016    Time Delusion, Kube Musette, Bucharest, Romania
2016    Atena adjusting her sandal, ODD Bucharest, Romania

Group exhibitions

2020    A Room of One’s Own, NADA NY Gallery Open, Anca Poterasu / CTG Harlem, USA
2020    Filmmaking, Jean Claude Maier Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
2019    not everything means something, honey (vol.2), Anca Poterasu Gallery Bucharest in collaboration with Eigen + Art Leipzig
2019    Cuts, CineBear – curated video exhibition at Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris, France
2019    Lay me down across the lines, Kunsthalle Bega, Timisoara, Romania
2019    In the Eye of the Storm, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2019    Points of Departure, Jean Claude Maier Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
2018    At different angles, The National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), Bucharest, Romania
2018    De Rerum Natura, Media Art Festival Arad / Museum Complex Arad, Romania
2017    Black and White Biennial, Satu Mare Museum of Art, Romania
2017    Portaluri, Anca Poterasu Gallery Bucharest, Romania
2017    Salzburg Residency / ERSTE Foundation Grant – Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Austria
2017    Frugalitas Severitas Fidelis / Video installation,, Bucharest, Romania
2016    Are we human, Istanbul Design Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey
2016    ReRe. Overriding Design with Art and Vice-Versa / Installation, Vienna Design Week at The Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna, Austria
2015    The light and the reflexion on the surfaces / Installation – Orizont Gallery Bucharest, Romania
2014    Separated Objects / Installation – Nicodim Gallery Bucharest, Romania