Adelina Ivan b. 1971

Adelina Ivan is a visual artist who works with light and memory through textiles, photography, installation and video. Recent projects and exhibitions have been presented at: Istanbul Design Biennial, Vienna Design Week, Kube Musette Bucharest, ODD Bucharest (2016) and Anca Poterasu Gallery, Black and White Biennial Satu Mare Art Museum, PrivateOffSpace Frankfurt (2017).
Adelina Ivan’s works has centered on transforming the matter, the object, from a shape representing its reality into another, intermediary one, as geometrical and restricted as possible. Often, the works rely on deconstructing in the attempt to bring back the initial form, in order to obtain a new object with its own material and aesthetical logics. The process of creating comes instinctively and is somehow automatically, without following a certain pattern. Behind purely abstract lines, images from the sub-conscious are revealed.
The meaning of her work should be seen as an invitation to discover the hidden path which led to the new object.
The central element of her work is the dot. It captures various representations before projecting them upside-down. Starting from abstract forms and repetitive gestures, dots turn into lines and become multi-layered structural elements.