Donald Simionoiu b. 1969

Donald Simionoiu studied at the University of Arts in Bucharest (RO). He currently works and lives in Bucharest.  Donald Simionoiu’s paintings bear a light realism, summer-like as a colourful shirt with flower patterns. Since in painting too there are seasons and cardinal points, the North and the South are two types of sensibilities that each coagulates specific artistic and stylistic typologies. The needle pointing at the North of the Romanian art is strongly magnetised by the School of greys of Cluj. The realism of this school has almost all the elements of the north typology of mixing the greys of the darkness with the demanding and overwhelming issues. In the South, the light, Mediterranean, more Oriental atmosphere has fermented relaxed fusions, and being on the sunny side of things has given birth to various forms of cheerful pettifoggery taking over the frown of reflection or meditation. In a certain way, Donald Simionoiu’s painting has embraced both components, the North ones but especially the Dambovita painting milieu, of solar serenity and laissez-faire. The clarity of the indifferent and random choice of the subjects is circular like the solar lens. The small talk, the time spent with friends after the work hours, the immersion in anonymously insignificant activities is the content of life, and expressly of a normal day in Donald Simionoiu’s paintings.