Bogdan Vlăduță b. 1971

The concept underneath most of Bogdan Vlăduță’s paintings is the resumption of those procedures that belong to the past. The past is dominating. There is a new report to it through its lessons, with cultural devoted spaces: neighborhoods, squares, cemeteries, etc. . a relation between life and death between archeology and the context of the artist’s own age. His works adhere to the model of the ancient classicism. In his own words: “I’m recognizing me in the Antiquity. But it is also the frustration of not knowing my ancestors, the elders of my family, to know who they are and of whom I claim.”

The black dominant of his paintings comes from the entire archive documents that are black and white, also from the archaic presentation of plans and drawn projects, but also from the bitumen considered a sign of automobiles civilization, of it’s usness to preserve mummies, as a sign reporting to the past.