Gheorghe Rasovszky (b. 1952 in Suceava) is a Romanian contemporary artist. He graduated from the University of Art, Bucharest (RO). His practice includes a broad range of media including new & old media, video installation, photography, assemblage, painting, set design. He lives and works in Bucharest, Romania.
Along with Dan Perjovschi, Calin Dan, Dan Mihaltianu, Ioji Kiraly, Teodor Graur, Miklos Onucsan, Rasovszky is one of the most representative artists of the 80s and 90s marking up the post-communist transition period in the Romanian contemporary art. He is an independent, dogma-free artist, working with alternative visual techniques
specific to the post-surrealist experimentalism where the media fusion, denial of certitudes and permanent research are his favourite cultural melanges. His eclecticism is postmodern, touched by surrealist and dadaist souvenirs without avoiding the free movement between tradition and „alternative” formula.
A major influence in Gheorghe Rasovszky’s work was his friendship with Gellu Naum – the founder of the Romanian Surrealist group and one of the major surrealist writers in Europe.
He represented Romania at the 49th Venice Biennale with the Terra Nova Project curated by Ruxandra Balaci, and had shows at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest (2010), Caminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest (2005), HT003, Bucharest (2005), Noua Gallery, Bucharest (2004), Romanian Pavillion (2001), the National Art Museum of Romania (2000), the Romanian House (1998), Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Bucharest (1996). His works are in the collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as in private collections.
Concept author and director of the documentary „Avangart” (11 episodes of 26-30 min. each on TVR Cultural – 2002-2003), „ART AUTOR” (since 2003 on TVR Cultural), Art Context (since 2006 on TVR Cultural) – series on Romanian contemporary art and artists.

Exhibitions (selections):
– Art Worker, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest

– Installart / Sculptura / 001, Aiurart, Bucharest

– Energy Four, photographs and multimedia projections, Little Yellow Studio, Bucharest

– Little Universe (Scum Evil Ruin), fotoinstallation, with Carmen Rasovszky, Caminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest
– Good Times Bad Times, photographs and drawings, with Teodor Graur, HT003 Gallery, Bucharest

– Maybe next time, photographs and multimedia projections, Noua Gallery, Bucharest
– Singular Plural, found paintings and photographs, HT003 Gallery, Bucharest

– Terra Nova, multimedia projections at 49th Venice Biennale, Romanian Pavilion

– Bellybution, multimedia installation / photographs and assemblages, National Art Museum, Contemporary Art Department, Bucharest
– Restitutio in Integrum, multimedia projection – TRANSITIONLAND, National Art Museum, Bucharest

– Fanatic Regne, paintings / assemblages / photographs, Simeza Gallery Bucharest, project also exhibited at the 47th Venice Biennale, Romanian House

– Study on the Ephemeral and Perishable, paintings / assemblages / photographs, SOROS Centre for Contemporary Art, Bucharest

– Conversation II, installation, photo, with Iulian Mereuta (France), GAD Gallery, Bucharest
– House of the Dog, installation, MediA CULPA, SOROS Centre for Contemporary Art, Bucharest

– Conversation,  photographs / assemblages, GAD Gallery, Bucharest

– Golden Hours, paintings / drawings / fotoassemblages, Caminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest

– Surrounding Figures, paintings / drawings / objects / photographs, Caminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest

– Nonscenographic Design, scenography projects / assemblages, with Carmen Rasovszky, Caminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest

– Antropomorphic Figures, paintings / drawings, Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

Selective bibliography:

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– Prize for INSTALLATION AND AMBIENT/ Romanian Union of Fine Artists [2005]
– Prize for PHOTO/VIDEO/PERFORMANCE / Romanian Union of FineArtists [2000]
– Prize for SCENOGRAPHY / Romanian Union of FineArtists [1997]
– AFRA Scholarship for PAINTING – France [1991]
– SCENOGRAPHY Scholarship / Romanian Union of FineArtists [1980]

Regular contributions (theory, essays, articles) in art publications:
– Atelier
– Arta
– Alternative
– Secolul XX
– Author (concept and director) of the documentaries:
– AVANGART (11 episods of 26-30 min/ep. 2002-2003,TVR CULTURAL)
– ART AUTOR ( beginning 2003,TVR CULTURAL )
– ART CONTEXT (beginning 2006, TVR CULTURAL) series on Romanian contemporary art and artists with CARMEN RASOVSZKY