Jun 18

Nicu Ilfoveanu, Iosif Kiraly and Decebal Scriba @ Kommunale Galerie Berlin

Crossing the same Circumstances
20.06 – 22.08.2021

@Kommunale Galerie Berlin
Hohenzollerndamm 176
10713 Berlin

Ioana Cîrlig
Dani Ghercă
Ion Grigorescu
Nicu Ilfoveanu
Iosif Király
Patricia Moroșan
Decebal Scriba
Mircea Stănescu

Curator : Sandra Demetrescu

The exhibition Crossing the Same Circumstances brings together eight Romanian contemporary artists whose complementary or overlapping approaches offer a glimpse into the becoming of photographic art, such as it is practiced in Romania from the ’70s and up to the present day. Representative of various generations, the presentation creates a polyphony of stances wherein the focus is shifting from photography as tool in the intimacy of the studio, as constant companion to the recording of the everyday, or as means to highlight the passage of time. The selection is composed of artists active before the 1989 fall of the communist regime in Romania, as well as from the younger generations, who were trained and developed their practice in a radically different socio-political context. Presented side by side, these works highlight both the diversity of approaches in the young history of Romanian photography (regarding the subject matter and the physicality of the medium), and the continuities or possible lineages a retrospective glance might uncover.

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