Nov 30

4 | 14 | 26 degrees east

4 | 14 | 26 degrees east

Dragoș Bădiță | Oana Coşug | Megan Dominescu |
Aurora Király | Larisa Crunțeanu | Botond Keresztesi |
Marie Lukáčová | Pavla Malinová | Rafał Zajko

Presented by Anca Poterasu Gallery,Bucharest and lítost, Prague

For the upcoming 18th edition of New Art Dealers Alliance, Anca Poterasu and lítost have created a joint proposal to produce a temporary exhibition space. Together they showcase nine contemporary artists from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, and bring their practices outside of their respective countries to Brussels. The artists presented in the show, Dragoș Bădiță, Oana Coşug, Megan Dominescu, Aurora Király, Larisa Crunțeanu will showcase their works alongside the artists from from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, Botond Keresztesi, Marie Lukáčová, Pavla Malinová, Rafał Zajko.

The exhibition 4 |14 | 26 degrees east will explore the tacit nuances that highlight a broad variety of subjective languages, reflecting the origin and history of each individual participant.

Avenue Van Volxem 316, 1190 Forest
Exhibition space next door to WIELS,
le centre d’art contemporain, Brussels

1 – 5 December, 2020
11 am – 7pm