Dec 17

Larisa Crunteanu exhibits in ULTRASANITY exhibition opening at SAVVY Contemporary and ifa-Galerie Berlin

ULTRASANITY. On Madness, Sanitation, Anti-Psychiatry and Resistance

OPENING at ifa Gallery 13.12.2019 / 19:00
EXHIBITION 14.12.2019–16.02.2020 / Tues – Sun 14:00–18:00
WITH Leo Asemota, Virginia Chihota, Jaswant Guzder, Eva Kotatkova, and Tracey Rose

OPENING at SAVVY Contemporary 14.12.2019 19:00
EXHIBITION 15.12.2019–26.01.2020 / Thurs–Sun 14:00–19:00
WITH John Akomfrah, Ulf Aminde, Leo Asemota, Yassine Balbzioui, M’barek Bouhchichi, Virginia Chihota, Larisa Crunţeanu, Alessandra Eramo, Pélagie Gbaguidi, Lukas Hofmann, Immy Mali, Teresa Margolles, Nathalie Mazéas, Lavar Munroe, Adjani Okpu-Egbe, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

INVOCATIONS at SAVVY Contemporary 25.01.–26.01.2020
WITH Debbie Ann Chambers, Alessandra Eramo, Dora Garcia, Jaswant Guzder, Sophie Hoyle, Frederick W. Hickling, Lukas Hofmann, Taoufiq Izeddiou, Dorothée Munyaneza, Riah Naief, Jota Mombaça, Elisabeth Tambwe and more

“…for it is not man but the world which has become abnormal…”
–– Antonin Artaud

ULTRASANITY, a project in four chapters, challenges Western scientific methods and perspectives on mental health and questions medical (mis)conceptions of psychopathologies by situating them in the context of coloniality, racialisation, objectification, and patriarchal oppression. Deeply entangled with our previous reflections on land struggles and toxicity, this project confronts us again with traumas and fears of displacement and contamination, this time offering an opportunity to ponder the notion of madness beyond a Western understanding.