Oct 09

Olivia Mihălțianu & Stoyan Dechev @Tranzit group show

Artistic Enquiries into Plants @ Tranzit.ro/bucharest
Opening 10.10.2019, 19:00
10-29 October 2019

Participating artists: Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan, Athena Dumitriu, Claudiu Cobilanschi, Iulia Toma, Dana Andrei & Sorin Popescu, Daniela Pălimariu, Kiki Mihuță, Olivia Mihălțianu, Stoyan Dechev, Raluca Popa, Simona Dumitriu & Ramona Dima, V. Leac, Vilmos Koter, Vlad Basalici

Tranzit Garden, an urban permaculture garden initiated as a project in 2014 and maintained since through the efforts of an organic and fluid group of participants positioned itself in the middle of the debates around topics such as climate changes, modalities of generating stable communities in the big urban agglomerations, the almost inexistent possibilities to counter gentrification processes or difficulties of tracing food source in societies submitted to global market. At the same time, with the particularity of being situated in the proximity of a contemporary art space, the Garden added to this agenda the art’s potential to function as social aggregator and to bring less conventional perspectives upon such urgent topics.

“Artistic Enquiries Into Plants” is at the same time a curatorial experiment and reflects upon questions such as: how can a thematic exhibition respond equally to the artists’ practice and to a long-term institutional interest; how can it include materialisations of individual research projects and still preserve the coherence of a group project; or how much of the organic character of the way in which this group was constituted and the long-term investment into it by the artists can be channeled into an self-sufficient product, a temporary exhibition addressing as well a new public.