Mar 11

Matei Bejenaru in Finstral collection

We are happy to announce that Matei Bejenaru’s 2nd edition of his iconic photographic artwork
”High Voltage Lab in Iasi” from the series Between Two Worlds, Epson Digigraphie Archival inkjet print, 120 x 150 cm, Edition 2/5 + 2AP, 2011 is in the contemporaru art collection of Finstral.

”Thanks to company founder Hans Oberrauch’s passion for art, Finstral now holds a diverse and extensive collection of contemporary art. Since the founding of the company, a steadily growing collection recounts the close interlocking between artistic creativity and innovative thinking, providing important impulses for an individualistic approach to building and living. Thus, art has been a source of inspiration and part of the company’s philosophy since the very beginning.” (Source: