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Anca Poterasu Gallery is dedicated to recent and contemporary art, and focuses to support and promote the art-related initiatives and the Romanian curators’ projects.

Started in 2009, as the Little Yellow Studio, an alternative project area designed to give a personal touch to thematic and group exhibitions, performances and interactive dialogues, it later became the Anca Poterasu Gallery in May 2011, a moment which marked the transition from an alternative formula to an official one, from a studio project to a gallery.

Anca Poterasu Gallery aims to be active on the international stage, to increase the visibility and accessibility of Romanian contemporary art on the international art markets, and to encourage cultural cooperation and intercultural dialogue.

Also, Anca Poterasu Gallery consolidates its policy of supporting young visual artists by providing them, every two years, with a framework for professional exhibiting and a dynamic work environment through the open call for projects.

now hosting

Irina Botea, Iulian Bisericaru, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Zoltán Béla

Double Agency

Timisoara Art Encounters
Cazarma U 3-31 octombrie, 11:00-19:00 (luni închis)


Zoltán Béla (b. 1977 in Targu Mures) lives and works in Bucharest. He graduated the Painting Department (class of 2001) of the University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoca (RO).

Zoltán Béla uses a rather wide range of media, such as painting, installations or objects. His painting is realistic, loaded with historical references and metaphysical meanings inspired from his personal archive of memories, but also from the Eastern European recent history track. By turning to the viewer’s feelings and tending to identify the essential moments of an entire generation formed in the communist period, Béla often addresses reality by means of suggestion, rather than depiction. What links all these aspects is a feeling of aesthetic Romanticism.

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