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Gabriela Petre, George Bîzgu, Elena Pîrvu


Curator: Raluca Oancea Nestor
Vernisaj: Vineri, 8 iulie, ora 17.00
Expoziția va fi deschisă în perioada:
8 iulie – 28 august 2016

În perioada 1 – 28 august, galeria se poate vizita numai cu programare în prealabil, la numărul de telefon +40 744 342 944

Exhibition Opening “AFTER SCHOOL”: Friday, July 8th 17.00h
The Exhibition will be open between:
July 8th – August 28th 2016

During the 1st and the 28th August, please call to +40 744 342 944 in order to schedule an appointment to visit the gallery.

Side image: Gabriela Petre – Dulce Amărui (Bitter Sweet), detail, 200 x 100 cm, acrylic on canvas, with collage of felt ladybugs on canvas, 2016.
Above slider image: George Bîzgu – Exhibition View


Unstable July. Stormy weather and heat waves. Your stomach crumples up in indigestions of uncertainty. Where have three years of university gone by? Is this the end or a new beginning? Openness or closure? Renunciation or vanishing points? Take a breath. You rest for a moment (be careful now, you can’t measure it like some equivalent of a second.) You don’t really know what is going to happen. A swarm of questions runs through your mind. It’s not easy for an art graduate. The Arts, Art. Who can guarantee a sense of understanding these words anymore? Who cares about the meaning of being an artist, worse still, what does Being mean? Contemporary artist, human, individual. All of these words and their meaning are probably still buried in a boring textbook together with Heidegger and others.

The present approach consists of three visual discourses on the above-mentioned state of being. Gabriela Petre, George Bîzgu and Elena Pîrvu are recent art-school graduates, specialized in painting. The three bring forward a series of existential investigations by replacing concepts with images in an inciting mapping of affective territories.

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